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As we said before, we have usually kept this blog site for project management and related articles only and not to use it for any announcement except where there is value to the community or news of high importance.

In this case – we are using this post to announce the launch of an eBook on project management. The last few posts were from this book, under the title, Project Management I: Challenges, Opportunities, Methodology.

The Book Description

This eBook is the first part of a four-part Series on project management.
The primary purpose of the Series is to introduce the readers to The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™), which we have developed and have been using internally since 2008.


The SUKAD Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects (CAM2P)

This methodology, links to project management global standards and references, particularly the PMBOK® guide, since this guide offers a project management framework rather than a project management methodology.
These eBooks build on each other, although they are semi-independent. This first eBook consists of two sections.

  • The first section, three chapters, is to set the scenes and discusses the challenges and opportunities facing the practice of project management today, since project management is a growing domain.
  • The second section, five chapters, offers a brief introduction of the project management methodology, rationale behind its development, alignment to international standards, and alignment to the PMBOK® Guide.

SUKAD offer learning program and organizational (consultancy) solutions related to the methodological approach that we present in these eBooks. Please let us know if you are interested and our business consultants can discuss the various options.

The book outline is:

Section 1: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Chapter 1: Growth of Project Management
  • Chapter 2: Challenges: The Growing Pains
  • Chapter 3: Opportunities for Sustainable Growth

Section 2: Project Management Methodology

  • Chapter 4: Rationale and Model Perspectives
  • Chapter 5: Fundamental Concepts
  • Chapter 6: Introducing the Model
  • Chapter 7: Alignment to Global Standards
  • Chapter 8: Alignment to PMBOK® Guide

Click here to download Project Management I: Challenges, Opportunities, Methodology

Other References

In addition to the published work, we will continue to add content to the Project Management Knowledge Portal by SUKAD, at this time available for registered users. Some of the content is related to the methodology including templates, presentations, case studies …


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