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This article is by Guest Author, Ms. Gloria Lorenzi … refer to end of the article for a short bio. This article reflects the opinion of the guest author and SUKAD is publishing this article as is – without editing or endorsement since we see value for our readers.
As a project manager, do you often find yourself struggling to keep track of all the loose ends of your team? Project management is a very difficult job because it requires a unique set of skills as well as the ability to keep everything straight. But fortunately, your mobile phones can help you with the organizing and help you work smarter and more efficiently. Here are our top picks for apps that will make project managers’ life a whole lot easier.


This app helps you collaborate with your team by syncing all of your communication and storing it in one place. You can put everything in order and track your project from step one, by keeping all of your Google Docs, dates on your Calendar and all of your contacts for the project in one place. That way, you can keep track of everything from the initial emails with the client to the final invoice.


Technology and Project Management


This is an excellent choice for tracking a project and helps you keep tabs on the number of hours assigned to employees and who is completing each task. You can also have your employees download the app and use it to assign different tasks to each person. All of the tasks will show up in the app so everyone is clear on his or her responsibilities.  It’s a great way to help keep everyone in the loop.

Smartsheet Project Management

Smartsheet is a paid, online service that is like a spreadsheet with a serious upgrade. You can keep track of everything, including Gantt charts, email attachments, dependencies and deadline reminders. You can also sync it to your computer so you never miss anything.


Project Management and Technology


A helpful app for brainstorming, Creately lets you open up the space to let your creativity run wild. You can create any number of diagrams and share them with your team, which they can alter at their leisure. You can also leave comments for each other remotely, so you don’t have to spend the entire day trapped in a brainstorming session.
Gantter Project
This one helps you plan every step of your project online and allows you to make an informed estimation of how long it will take to complete. You can also assign tasks to other team members and break tasks into smaller steps, while keeping a record of everything. It’s a great way to reign everything in and keep track of your team’s progress.
A good one for keeping track of deadlines, GQueues helps you set reminders based on your Google Calendar. It also has a collaboration feature that lets you share your reminders with your colleagues and also lets you assign tasks from the calendar. Now you won’t have to worry about everyone having enough time to complete each task once it has been assigned.
Are you a project manager? What are some apps that you use to make your life easier and keep everything organized? Sound off in the comments below!
Authored by: Gloria Lorenzi is an aspiring journalist who graduated in Italy and is currently living and studying in the United Kingdom. She has a real flair for languages and a great passion for technology, and she tries to combine them in her articles.
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