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As we work in project management, travel around, meet clients, and view social media posts we run into so many myths and misconceptions about project management.
Here are some

Myth 1

Project Management is not PMP
This is one of the main issues we face on social media and in our region. Some thinks that the PMP certification is actually project management. In some cases we even run into people and organizations wanting to learn about project management but they ask for the PMP – thinking the PMP is EQUAL to Project Management.

Myth 2

At times we hear people say – I have taken project management in college – when we ask for clarification it turns out they had taken a scheduling course.
Scheduling does not equal project management.

Myth 3

It is often we see posts, even from those who holds a Project Risk Management certification, talks about risks as “threats” or “dangers” … how did these people become certified?

Myth 4

Recently, in one organization, some vendors have brain washed this client to think that the PMP is actually a master’s degree and it is recognized as a degree globally.
To a lesser extent – some claims that PMP is equivalent in value to a master’s degree.

Myth 5

The process groups in the PMBOK® Guide is not the same as the project phases on the project life span. In other words, the project phases are not Initiating, Planning, Executing ….

Myth 6

The PMBOK® Guide is a global standard and is an ANSI standard … technically that is not correct since there is no such thing as a global standard and only about 50 pages of the 600+ pages of the guide is an ANSI standard.

Myth 7

A PMP must be an expert project manager … unfortunately many PMPs have never managed a project.

Myth 8

If a training company is not a PMI Registered Education Provider then:

  • It cannot provide project management training, or
  • It is not a quality provider

Unfortunately, we now of many organizations who are excellent providers and they are not REP and many REP who know nothing about project management. Further, on the first bullet – PMI does not own project management so anyone can deliver workshops on project management. Whether these people and organizations are qualified is a different story – but having the PMI stamp is not a validation of quality provider.

Myth 9

The PMBOK® Guide is written by experts – not necessarily so – many of the volunteers contributing to this guide are professionals with typical experiences and some …
Will rest for today and may be add more in the future!

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