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We hope that our readers can understand and accept this commercial post. The vast majority of our posts are educational and offer learning in project management. On rare occasions, like this one, we publish a commercial post and we appreciate your understanding.
The image provided here present a summary of four SUKAD workshops that are based on the methodological approach developed by SUKAD in 2007 and continue to update; The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™).
Here are a few key points:

  • Each of these workshops has a clear and different purpose,
  • They all share the fundamental CAM2P™ approach,
  • All workshops include the relevant books,
  • All workshops’ participants will receive supporting materials like books, e-books, flowcharts, mind maps, templates, and media,
  • All workshops are led by SUKAD Principal Consultants with significant global experience in project management.
  • Even those with PM Certifications like CAPM, PMP, and others can benefit greatly from these courses and will definitely see project management and even the PMBOK from a total different perspective.

W1: Introduction to Project Management

The first workshop, is a general course that is an introduction to project management. In this workshop we discuss various project management standards and the project life cycle model developed by SUKAD.

W2: Project Management for Non-Project Managers

The second workshop is designed for the “accidental project manager”, who are those professionals in marketing, human resource, customer service, finance, training, and other operational tasks. These professionals are often asked to manage projects, without prior experience or formal project management training. For these individuals, the project management for non-project managers is the ideal workshop. It is simplified enough and focus on the critical concepts for managing projects, without having to get too technical. 

W3: Essentials of Project Management

This third workshop is the most popular and focuses on small-simple projects and touch on medium-moderate complexity projects. Depend on the project classification, in class the participants will work on their projects following the model in the previous image (small-simple project) or the following image (medium-moderate project).

SUKAD CAM2P Phases and Process Groups

SUKAD CAM2P Phases and Process Groups

We have offered this workshop, The Essentials of Project Management, to numerous clients in the region including a ministry in Iraq, engineering society in Lebanon, leading government entities in the UAE, and a few private organizations.
The next time we are offering this course for the public is in the UAE on 31 January 2015. Mention this post for 50% discount.

W4: Project Management for Large & Complex Projects

The last workshop that is based on the CAM2P™ approach is Project Management for Large & Complex Projects. The foundation for this workshop is like the others, The CAM2P™ methodological approach. However, due to the size and complexity of these projects, we introduce the use of the PMBOK(r) Guide process groups (as modified by SUKAD) at every stage, as the next image shows.

The SUKAD Project Life Cycle nad Process Groups as used in CAM2P™

The SUKAD Project Life Cycle and Process Groups as used in CAM2P™ at the stage level

Before we close, the image presented here is based on the standard model that has six stages. A large and complex projects will be customized and may include 6, 8, or 10 stages.

Special Offers

Although we typically offer these courses for the public in the UAE and Lebanon, we can offer them for private clients anywhere in the world. If you are interested in bringing one of these courses to your organization, let us know, and we can make you a very special offer for requests from outside our region.
We would be happy to offer these courses to leading NGOs, almost at cost. Pay all of our travel expenses and a small fee and will come to you.

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