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Why did SUKAD decide to partner with GPM® Global?
In today’s post, we mix it up a bit. We will discussion business, passion, and project management. Recently, SUKAD has signed an agreement to represent GPM in West Asia, including GCC, Lebanon, and other countries in the region. After 12 years in the regional market, why did SUKAD decide to join the GPM® Global community? Why did we partner with them to offer project management and sustainability services?
Well, it is all about values, passion, and the five Ps.

Shared Values & Passion

We start with the main stimulus, which is the shared values.
In today’s fast-paced world, challenges face us every day and on all fronts; personal, business, communities, and nations. We[1] are pushed to sacrifice excellence for commercial gain. We borrow from our children future instead of leaving our world a better place for them to enjoy.  We lose our humanity in the name of progress.
So why GPM?
Because SUKAD, “a company with a heart[2]“, is passionate about humanity, values, and project management. We found a great match in GPM Global.

  • We both are passionate about project management, in the wider perspective[3].
  • We both care about our planet.
  • We both care about people.
  • We both want to leave the world a better place for our children.
  • By “we both” we mean SUKAD, GPM, and their principals.

PM Narrow and Wide PerspectivesHere it is worth stating SUKAD vision and mission. The SUKAD vision and mission statements are what guide SUKAD; they are NOT decorative items.
The vision is “Project Management for All Aspects of Life”; notice the emphasis on (a) project management (not SUKAD-centric) and (b) all aspects of life.
Building on the vision, the mission statement is: “Be an Agent of Change and a Catalyst for Development”. Here, the “be” represent SUKAD and Project Management as mechanisms to achieve change and development. To emphasize – we are about change and development but not at any price.

Change and Development for All Aspects of Life

Change is delivered via projects.
Projects must be managed effectively to deliver success and realize benefits.
Effective delivery and achieving the benefits require a sustainable organizational project management system.
SUKAD had developed such a system, and approach for building a proper, effective, and sustainable system for managing projects with the wider perspective – the big picture view. Our OPM System consists of seven elements, with the core being a ‘universal’ methodology. It is essential to have a great methodology that views projects as strategic change agents. In our CAM2P™ model (the methodology) we had sustainability, but it was an unknown. What we were missing is how to incorporate the principles of sustainability into our OPM System and methodology. Two years ago, we found GPM.

PRiSM™ and CAM2P™

GPM® Global is now filling that gap for us where we can blend the GPM award-winning PRiSM™ (Projects Integrating Sustainable Methods) with the CAM2P™ ‘universal’ approach. Now we can offer unique, pioneering, and outstanding solutions.
Both approaches are built on the principle of project life cycle.

  • CAM2P™ offers a dynamic, three-dimensional approach that incorporates concepts from PMI, IPMA, GAPPS, and now GPM. The CAM2P™ key characteristics are about customizing and adapting (tailoring) the approach based on the project class, type, and domain.
  • PRiSM™ strength is the integration of sustainability across the various stages of the project life cycle.
  • Together, CAM2P™ and PRiSM™ fit well together and complement each other in a unique and pioneering way.

In other words, GPM, SUKAD, and their principles do not only have shared values and passion, but the products are also complementary and can be a great union.

The P5™ Standard

Besides vision, mission, value, our purpose, and passion drive us back to the concept of the P5 as advocated through the GPM P5™ Standard.
The five P’s are about People, Planet, Product, Process, and, of course, Profit. Yes, we all want to realize benefits using the P5™ model. We want to lead the transformation of our organizations and our clients. We want to be an agent of change and catalyst for sustainable development. A company with a heart cannot put profit first. We must learn how to balance.
Join us on this exciting journey.

Closing Comments: Services

Through the partnership, we will offer training and learning programs that blend the best from both organizations. These include:

  • Methodology training including CAM2P™ and PRiSM™.
  • We will also offer training on building the organizational systems using the P5 Standard (from GPM) and the Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity™ (from SUKAD).

In addition, through our consultancy and organizational solutions division, we will offer:

  • Helping organizations to either building sustainable OPM systems, using the SUKAD OPM System and the GPM PSM3 approach; or assessing projects and organizational performance.
  • Enabling and supporting organizations to become centers of excellence for sustainable change and development and maintain such status.

Our next workshop is in Dubai, UAE from 23 to 26 May 2016.
Join us on this exciting journey.
[1] We represent any group of individuals – or business – or communities – or nations.
[2] This quotation is from feedback we got from customers.
[3] The narrow perspective is about delivering a product – service – result; or output, as the PMBOK® Guide advocates. The wider perspective considers numerous other aspects with a focus on outcome – realizing benefits, keeping in mind a strategic perspective.

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