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Project Management certification is highly popular among individuals and organizations.
Although the PMP® might not be the best for enhancing organizational performance, it is the preferred certification by those who want to make their CV looks better for potential employers; especially if they are looking for a new job.

The PMP Option

The question then, should YOU pursue the PMP®?
Do you know the PMI pre-qualification requirements to allow a candidate to sit for the exam?
Do you know what it takes to pass and achieve the PMP®?
If not, then what do you need to know and what are the alternates?
Click on the image below for a visual guide on our blog site.
Deciding on PMP Flowchart

The PMP Alternative

Now, one of the alternate to certifications, which is better for organizations if the main goal is to enhance the employee and organizational performance, is CAMMP™ workshops.
CAMMP™ stands for The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™, the approach developed by SUKAD 10 years ago and continue to enhance.
CAMMP™ is getting wide attention across the region and in numerous other countries from Nigeria to the USA, from the UK to Brazil. Further, numerous clients in the UAE have selected CAMMP™ over the PMP certification.
Which CAMMP™ course is best for you? Click on the image below for a visual guide.
Deciding on CAMMP Workshop Flowchart
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