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This article is indirectly an announcement for a project management seminar that SUKAD will be hosting in Dubai on the 16th of April 2018, and likely to repeat in Abu Dhabi on 30 April 2018. The hot topic of the day is “Debunking the myth of what is a project management methodology.”

Why this project management seminar?

There is a great deal of debate in online forums about Agile, Waterfall, Scrum and other concepts.
The concern with many of these debates is that a great deal of the posts publishes misleading information. Some of them are based on guesses rather than real knowledge. For example:

  • We keep hearing about Agile Methodology or Agile Project Management, but Agile is NOT a project management methodology.
  • We also hear about the PMI, PMP, or PMBOK® Guide Methodology but PMI does not offer a methodology. The book (PMBOK® Guide) is a guide, and the PMP is a certification.

What is a project management methodology?

What is a Project Management MethodologyThen, one must ask:

  • How to define a project management methodology?
  • What are the essential elements that are necessary to define a project management methodology?
  • What would enable excellent project management practice and a higher level of project management maturity?

Executives read this, please

Stage-Gate Process, Project Management MethodologyFinally,

  • Why executives and organizations must look beyond project management certification?
  • Why should they go beyond the ongoing misinformed debates on waterfall and agile?

The project management seminar

This seminar will touch on all of the above. It will touch on the need for organizational project management. I will also include a high-level introduction to CAMMP™, The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™.
CAMMP™ is a product of the SUKAD Project Management Innovation program.
The SUKAD Way, Project Management Innovation ProgramThis project management evening seminar is part of the SUKAD Project Management Innovation program and the SUKAD Social and Professional Initiatives program. It will combine the lecture and discussion with networking opportunity. SUKAD will not charge for the event but will require a small fee to cover the cost of the venue and coffee service.

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