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Today, many people are into project management since the project management skills are of great value regardless of industry or type of position a professional holds. Many consider project management learning via pursuing a professional certification or two. However, if you manage small and simple projects, maybe certification is an overkill. On the other hands, if you are involved in medium to large projects, with moderate or high complexity, then certifications might not be enough. Therefore, whether you are involved in small or large projects, simple or complex, you need to master what you do. This is one of leading reasons SUKAD is launching The Quest to Mastering Project Management.

Why The Quest to Mastering Project Management

The term quest is to highlight that the pursuit to Mastering Project Management is not something you can achieve in a day, week or month, in one or two certifications. Mastering Project Management requires significant effort, a major investment, over many years. The Quest is like a Portfolio that includes sub-portfolios (themes), many programs (journeys), sub-programs (tracks), and adventures (project = courses).
The Quest to Mastering Project Management | Themes and JJourneys
The above image does not show the full structure. It is only showing the Themes and Journeys. In total, there will be more than 50 adventures in this quest, and more than 80% of them are NOT related to certifications.

Learning more about mastering project management

You want to learn more? Check us out on http://pmquest.sukad.com. This site is still in the incubation stage but it will house the PM Quest.
You will be able to access the Overview of The Quest to Mastering Project Management. This is a short adventure explaining the whole portfolio of learning. To access the overview, you can do so from the SUKAD Main Website via this link.

What is next?

After The Overview, you can also take on another adventure at no cost, which is The Fundamentals. The Fundamentals is the first educational adventure. We advise all learner to start here, even if they have one or more project management certification. The Fundamentals will set the scene, terminology, the confusions, and the state of current practice in project management. The Fundamentals Adventure will open for visitors by 30 April 2018.

Great, I am convinced, how to do I join the quest?

After the Fundamentals, the learner can follow a specific theme based on interest and need. As your PM Coach / Advisor, Mounir Ajam will guide on selecting the best adventure to fit your needs and interest.
First, from the Overview, you would be able to have a brief understanding of the various themes. In the Overview, we will also introduce the first theme, with its journeys, tracks, and adventures. The first theme is about Applied Project Management. We know that this theme is of great value to every professional in project management. Whether you are a newcomer or experienced professional in PM starts here, after the Fundamentals.

A short video about what, why, who … of the Quest to Mastering Project Management.

Click here for the video.

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