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Subscribe TodayHow to apply project management in the real world? In an earlier article, we discussed applied project management, project-based learning, and project management for youth, which established the context. With this article, we continue with the context and establish the background for the case study.

Project-Based Learning

The case study is about teaching and coaching my sons, Sumer and Akkad, to launch their own online projects. We will follow the principle of project-based learning (PBL), where Sumer and Akkad will learn the CAMMP™ approach by applying it on real projects. This is the spirit of the SUKAD Way™ Applied Project Management and a fit to the theme of Project Management for Youth (PM4Y), as we discussed in earlier articles.
By the way, this case study will also be an online course in the PM Quest.

PM4Y: Project Management for YouthProject Management for Youth

In a few months, Sumer will be 18 and Akkad will be 15 so we will use an approach appropriate to their age. To help them learn CAMMP™ we will proceed by following the standard life cycle of CAMMP™ and progress one stage at a time. We will use a small white board for the reality-TV work; where we will record the work at home in their play/study room. We will be recording most of the actions, maybe in Pajamas, and when done publish an online course that other youth and even adult can benefit from this learning experiment and experience. We will capture lessons learned to help improve PM4Y for the next group and projects; maybe school projects.

The Timing & The Projects

Since we only have a month, we will work on simple online projects. Simple maybe is the wrong word, since the work could be simple for me but not for them. However, we will work on projects that do not require many people – these would be personal projects. The likely projects will be for each son to develop an active online presence on social media but primarily to establish a blog site. Knowing my sons, I think Sumer will do a blog site on gaming (computer games), whereas Akkad online blog site might include gaming but will likely focus on books review. They will have to decide the final focus.

The PM Coach

My job will be to help them learn, coach them, and support them to go from idea to live sites. The projects will include an initial operation or a pilot period where each will post blogs either written or video.
We will start this project in a couple of days, and I will be blogging about our experiences as we progress. However, as I said earlier, by the end (late June), we will have an online course that would be casual, authentic, but with real know-how and applied project management.
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