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I have always believed, that a good communicator, educator, coach, will tailor his/her message to fit the right audience. So, if we are speaking with high school students we need to speak at that level and if we are speaking to academics and experts, that would require a different message and level of engagement. Therefore, in this post, I ask the question and give our perspective, should not project management be for all aspects of life?

However, when it comes to project management.

  1. Some organizations push certification for the sake of revenue and bonuses. While they ignore the millions of people that only need applied project management principles. They need simple concepts to help them manage the basic day-to-day, 2-3 people projects.
  2. Some individuals; follow the above organizations for personal gain, which can be understandable; although that is not my goal or what I aspire for. Also, in business, we accept and understand that a business is to make a profit; however, not by bending the truth or stretching ethics to a breaking limit.
  3. Further, there are some individuals who think that UNLESS we present advance PM topics and get people to learn how to manage mega projects or learn asset management then we should not present anything at all. In other words, these people want us to “teach” a toddler how to run in the Marathon.

PM4Y: Project Management for Youth; Should not project management be for all aspects of life?Project Management for All Aspects of Life

This is really sad, at least to me, since I believe in the value of Project Management for ALL aspects of life. I want project management to be an agent of change and a catalyst for development. I know that I must have written or talked about this in the past, but I will repeat, today and always, until the die, I kick the bucket.

We want people to use project management as a facilitating process, NOT as a controlling process.

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