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In the previous post, we wrote explaining why we are writing a book about megaprojects. In this post, I will share one of the chapters that discuss two megaprojects. These megaprojects share a lot of similarities but different outcomes. This chapter is from my upcoming book, Leading Megaprojects, a Tailored Approach.

Leading Megaprojects

Instead of repeating what I wrote for these chapters, why do not you read about these two megaprojects? Both of them were industrial megaprojects. We will call them the Asian Project and the North American Project.

One of these projects was performed under a cost plus incentive contract and the other under a fixed price contract.

This chapter is part of the case studies I share in the book to reflect on the current state of practice megaprojects.

A Tale of Two Megaprojects

To dowload the chapter, click on the download button below.

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