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When we discuss the Uruk PPMPlatform, we often say that Uruk PPM is not a software tool, it is a solution. What does that mean? What are the differences between a tool and a solution? We will answer these questions in the context of project portfolio management. Also, how do these concepts relate to the engines of project management?

What is a tool?

Well, a tool or a software tool is something that might help us improve efficiency.

For example:

  • Excel allows us to do calculations much faster than we can do by hand.
  • Trello can help us organize tasks, which makes it easy to manage them.
  • MS Project is another tool, and although sophisticated, it is only a tool to help us schedule the project tasks and update the schedule with relative ease.

So, a software tool is good to have but it is still a tool.

What is a solution?

On the other hand, a solution is a term we use to refer to something that is much more advanced than a tool. It could include many functionalities and features along with some guidance, process, method, etc. that a tool does not have.

Uruk PPM Platform

In the case of the Uruk PPM Platform …

  • Is a versatile, comprehensive, and innovative solution.
  • We use the solution label because Uruk PPM includes project life cycle, phases, stages, stage deliverables, stage gates, workflow.
  • Also, Uruk PPM will include knowledge resources and built-in guidance.
  • It includes tailored methods that can be further customized to fit any domain, function, project type, or classification.

In other words, the Uruk PPM is an advanced form of a PMO. This is why we say it is a solution and not a tool!

Uruk PPM is a PMO?

It would not be proper to say Uruk PPM is a PMO since a PMO or a PMU (Project Management Unit) consists of people. Some PMOs could have mediocre mandates; others might have a mandate to build the process. Here is where the Uruk PPM comes in, the process is established. We have developed it for you and will continue creating different tailored methods to fit many domains. What we are saying is that you subscribe to Uruk, and you get our designed PMO with it.

Uruk PPM Platform includes the processes that a PMO might build. Therefore, with Uruk you can get your PMO rolled out and working in days instead of months and with limited initial investment.

The Engine of Project Management

Let us close this article with the following, the engine of project management.

The engine of project management is a concept that defines the critical aspects that are necessary to manage projects, which are People, Process, Tools. Tools are one of the three gears in the engine. A Solution is mostly about the process and may include the tools. The Uruk PPM Platform includes both Process and Tools. Further, the Uruk PPM includes many built-in factors and functionalities to guide the people, even those with limited experience.

Closing Comments

Consequently, the Uruk PPM Platform is a Solution that incorporates 2+ of the three-component. SUKAD Corp’s purpose is to help an organization complete the engines. This is another topic for another time!

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