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We posted an image on LinkedIn with a short post, but we think it led to some confusion. We will reshare the image later in this post and explain the steps of how to start a project on the Uruk Platform. Some of you might have heard about this cloud-based solution that SUKAD Corp is developing, using the SUKAD Way Project Management Framework.

What is the SUKAD Way Project Management Framework?

It is essential to start with this information as necessary background. We use the term SUKAD Way Project Management Framework to represent the work that SUKAD Corp has been doing. It includes an approach for managing the whole organizational portfolio and projects. It also consists of project success and project control models. Further, it has a project management methodological approach, CAMMP. Click here for more reading. The first image here shows the core elements of the SUKAD Way. However, the second image shows how they are interrelated.

The SUKAD Way Project Management Framework

CAMMP, a Methodological Approach to develop Tailored Methods

One of the topics of the SUKAD Way is CAMMP, a project management methodological approach. We had published numerous articles and videos on CAMMP, so no need to elaborate. However, CAMMP offers a standard project life cycle model that organizations can use as the starting point for tailoring fit-for-purpose methods. Further, for easy reference, here are a couple of links, Link 1 and Link 2. For tailoring and how to develop tailored methods, click here.

The Steps to convert CAMMP Standard Model to Tailoring Methods

The Uruk Platform

The Uruk PPM Platform is a cloud-based solution that SUKAD Corp is developing. It is a versatile and comprehensive solution for the management of organization projects and portfolios. To gain a general understanding of the link, a website page address this point. However, a quick note here: Uruk PPM has two major themes of functionalities. The first theme is about managing the organization portfolio, while the other is specific to managing a given project. The Uruk PPM Platform also includes a theme for developing a community of practice.

How will the Uruk Platform work and what will it offer?

This is a vast topic, and we cannot address it effectively here. This first link provides some insights. Further, this next article describes why we label Uruk as a “Solution,” and not a software “tool.” The core ideas are:

Governance: Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

Uruk PPM will provide policies, procedures, and guidelines for the management of projects, programs, and portfolios. These are the things that a PMO should be building. However, to save the organization’s time and money, we are building the foundation. Consequently, with a good foundation, we can quickly customize it to a client.

Project Management Unit (PMU ~ PMO)

Next, Uruk PPM will also offer the functionalities for a Project Management Unit (PMU) to manage the whole portfolio. This would include the performance dashboards, reporting, lessons captured/learned, resource allocation, among other things.

Managing a Project

In addition to managing the portfolio, the core purpose of Uruk PPM Platform is to manage projects, all types of projects. However, projects in different domains are not the same and cannot be managed with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Therefore, CAMMP starts with the standard model to developed tailored methods. Each tailored method would be suitable for a given type of projects. For example, a tailored method for facilities projects, another for outreach and marketing projects, etc. Consequently, we will be building these tailored methods in the system. Ultimately, with this functionality, organizations can save a great deal of time if they do not have to develop their methods from scratch. Also, what we provide could be customized further for a given client.

With this, we have enough background to get back to the core question, How to start a project in the Uruk PPM Platform?

How to start a project in the Uruk PPM Platform?

We said, to manage a project in the Uruk PPM Platform is a vast topic that we will be addressing in many articles. Today’s focus is on how to start a project in the Uruk PPM Platform. The following image is a high-level view and will explain the relevance of the various steps.

The value of history, Project Records

The first step would be benefitical as soon as a project manager starts a new project in Uruk PPM. The step can be repeated as the PM proceed with work. This first step is to check the project records (historical database) for any similar projects. It is quit common that organizations work on similar project on a regular basis. Often, they end up re-inventing the wheel. However, with Uruk PPM, they have the process and method. They have the governance element. Also, they have the project history.

Therefore, if a PM finds similar projects, she could view them. However, she can also download some or all of the project files from history, to use with CPM. CPM is Copy-Paste-Modify. A competent PM can do the work without the history, however, with these files completed, a PM would be able to expedite the work on the new project. Consequently, this action can lead to significant savings in cost and time, enhancing the chance of project success.

For the other steps, see below.

Selecting a CAMMP Tailored Method

If we stay with the above image, the next step is to determine if the new project type and class are known. If they are known, the project manager can select a pre-built-it CAMMP tailored method from the system. However, many organizations could have many types of projects and also for various classes. So, the PM might not know exactly how to classify the project. Another functionality of Uruk PPM is a method selection algorithm, a questionnaire. The PM can enter the relevant data in the questionnaire and the built-in algorithm will propose a tailored method. As a result, the PM will accept the proposed method or might believe it is not appropriate. In that case, the PM will request deviating from the proposed tailored method to use an alternative. Consequently, this would be a deviation from the set governance and would require the approval of the project sponsor and the PMU manager (PMU = Project Management Unit). The PMU manager is necessary here to understand the factors that led to requesting a deviation.

Ready to start working on the project

Finally, the project manager has a selected method. Also, the PM could benefit from the project records. Ultimately, with these steps complete, the project manager is ready to start working on the project, with the first stage.

Final Comments

If you are interested to learn more about SUKAD Corp and the Uruk PPM Platform, reach out for a free advisory/awareness session. Also, consider registering on our website to get announcements about the Uruk PPM Platform and also join our upcoming webinar series. Finally, we do have a couple of online courses on CAMMP. During the Pandemic and lockdown, SUKAD is offering these courses for free. If interested, register on https://pmquest.sukad.com and let us know to give you the FREE Access.

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