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In project management, the answer to many questions often starts with, “It Depends.” For example, what is the definition of a project? It Depends. What are the differences between PBS and WBS? How to differentiate between scope creep and scope change? Therefore, we decided to launch a knowledge-sharing series with the title “It Depends.” In other words, the “It Depends” knowledge series would help answer these questions and more. The series includes short videos of these articles, and in the future, there will be additional references.

The “It Depends” Series

This series focuses on project management terminology, especially when we often have multiple views on defining or using them. Also, we would provide a comparison of terms.

The First Video

The first video is an introduction to the series.

The transcript below could vary slightly from the actual video

Good day, Mounir Ajam here.
With this video, we are starting a new series of short videos. We are going to label 
the theme for the series with the term “It Depends.”

Why “It Depends”?  

Because often, the answer to many questions in project management starts with “It Depends.” 

For example, if you ask me what’s the definition of a project, well, it depends on many things; are you a project owner or service provider? Are you from an engineering company or an IT developer? Do you represent a department within an organization, or are we talking about the whole organization? Consequently, there are lots of questions on project management with the answer starting with it depends. It depends on the scene, on the scenario, and on the context of the question.

What are the differences/How to differentiate …

We often do not consider those contexts. As a result, many people start to post or explain things on social media platforms, like LinkedIn, a topic/case without providing context, which creates confusion. Therefore, in this series of videos, I’m going to create multiple videos. With every video, I’ll focus on one topic, where usually the answer to the question starts with, “it depends.”

First, I’ll start with a fun story, which is the next video.

Thank you.

The plan is to also publish these topics later as a book or e-book, potentially with others under the Project Management Network umbrella.

Closing Comments

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