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The Project Management Servant Leader Initiative is a program that we have launched in SUKAD Corp. The program is to promote applied project management knowledge and know-how. Further, it consists of five major elements, as we will describe later. It is primary goal is to help individuals, organizations, and startup benefit from the strategic value of project management and our expertise.

The Inspiration

The inspiration for the program came from the fact that we often get requests for advice or coaching. Further, we know that many executives for small and medium organizations might not know enough about project management. Also, they might need help navigating the crowded and often misguided posts on social media.

There is too much hype, misinformation, and commercially driven posts online. These posts can cloud the judgment, even experienced project managers. Hence, the need for initiatives, like the Servant Leader Initiative.

SUKAD Corp History of Project Management Knowledge Sharing

SUKAD Corp is the 3rd project management service provider that has been established by Mounir Ajam, yours truly. For a quick review of our history, please click here. In other words, SUKAD Corp is the third iteration 😊. The second iteration was SUKAD FZ-LLC, based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

While in Dubai, SUKAD conducted numerous seminars and workshops that were open to the community at no cost. However, since we started SUKAD Corp in the US, we have not had a chance to conduct these educational workshops. Further, Pandemic has affected our ability to deliver face-to-face events. Therefore, with people working from home or working from anywhere, the only way we can reach you is via an online mechanism. Hence, the SLI – Servant Leader Initiative, a virtual knowledge-sharing platform. The SLI focus is on project management.

Project Management

I think most people would agree that project management is becoming indispensable for us all. PM Skills are necessary for companies, government, NGOs, and not-for-profit organizations. Therefore, continuous improvement requires lifelong learning.

Consequently, and in line with our vision of “Project Management for All Aspects of Life,” we believe it is our ethical, social, and professional responsibility to contribute to the project management community.

Servant Leader Initiative

Then, what is the Servant Leader Initiative?

It is an initiative to provide advisory support sessions for senior managers and executives. Also, it would offer coaching and mentoring sessions for professionals and managers. It includes educational webinars and group discussions for all. Finally, the second version of the initiative now includes support to Startup founders and teams.

For more information about the Servant Leader Initiative by SUKAD, please refer to the attached document.

How to Access the Servant Leader Initiative Offerings?

Finally, the most important question. How to access these complimentary services?

Advisory Support Sessions

First, the Advisory Support Sessions.

We have allocated time slots on my schedule, every Tuesday and Thursday, starting on the 12th of January 2021. Therefore, all you need to do is follow this link and pick a convenient time for you. Once you choose the time you prefer, the system will automatically set up a zoom meeting. Finally, show up at the meeting. In case you need a follow-up meeting, also complimentary, repeat the process.

Coaching and Mentoring Sessions

For the coaching and mentoring sessions, one can follow the same steps. The only difference is the link. Please click here for the appropriate link.

Webinars & Group Discussions

For the webinars and group discussions, each will have a separate invitation. Therefore, the SUKAD Digital Media team will announce these events on our social media channels. Please, make sure you are registered on our website or at least follow the SUKAD LinkedIn Page. You can also check the Knowledge Tab on the SUKAD Website for the Webinars and Group Discussions.

Project Management Startup Support

After we launched the Servant Leader Initiative, we realized that we missed an important group, startup founders and co-founders. Being a startup ourselves and involved in the startup ecosystem, we have realized that project management is often missing from supporting the co-founders. Many founders and Startup Development Organizations (SDO) do not recognize that from concept to market release, the Startup is actually a project. A project that has a project life cycle, it goes through stages and stage gates, and so. Providing the necessary project management support to startups can help the founders and potential founders plenty of growing pains. It might even help them decide that they should avoid the new project and not launch the startup.

Quick Overview, what should I choose?

As you can see, we do not list the webinars in the image below, since that is self-explanatory. However, from among the three other elements of the SLI program, which one to choose? I believe the image summarizes the essential points to help you decide. This image does not include the project management startup support since that should be independently clear.


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