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In this article, we share the entire vision of the Uruk Platform—we share it openly. Today, we are not focusing on the great value of the Uruk Platform to organizations (the why); we leave that to other articles, videos, or podcast episodes. Today’s topic is about the what and how.

Introduction to the Uruk Platform

The Uruk Platform is a versatile, comprehensive, and integrated digital solution. It is not a conventional tool that might be too basic, narrowly focused, or expensive.

The Uruk Platform, integrating project and program management methodology with the supporting actions and portfolio management.Comprehensive Solution

  • It covers the 4PMs, project, program, product, and portfolio management.
  • It includes the support actions, such as scope, cost, change, risk, team, communication management, etc.
  • The Uruk Platform incorporates the organizational project management system, processes, workflow, templates, and methods.

Further, the Uruk Platform includes numerous modules and features to enhance individual competence and organizational maturity.

Versatile Solution

The Uruk Platform is highly adaptive and scalable.

  • It suits small, medium, and large organizations, even conglomerates.
  • It applies to all vectors. In other words, it is a horizontal niche domain across industries.
  • NGOs, NPOs, SDOs, the Government, and the private sector can use the platform effectively.
  • It is a broad, integrated digital solution, but it is modularized.

Therefore, whether you want to work on a tiny project with a couple of people, or work on large-complex projects with numerous team members, the Uruk Platform is for you.

Reasonable Pricing

  • The license cost for the Base Plan (with numerous functionalities) is less than the cost of a LinkedIn premium account. This is for organizational accounts.
  • Individuals, independent consultants, etc., pay 25% less than organizations. Also, we have a free lifetime license option if you are in this category.
  • View-only licenses will be free – so you can share the work with executives or customers without incurring additional costs.

The Big Picture of the Uruk Platform

Let us take a deeper look.

The Uruk Platform Structure, an Integrated Portfolio Management Digital Solution

This image could be intimidating and complex for those working in small-medium organizations or on small projects. They might think that the Uruk Platform is only suitable for large projects. Well, that is not the case, as we will explain today.

Oh, the color coding. We will explain that later.

First, let us move away from the illustration for a minute and use an open buffet as an analogy. I am hungry, and that is why :).

The Buffet

Let us say you go to a large restaurant with an open buffet and lots of food.

You cannot eat a plate of everything. Instead, you might sample as many as you can. Maybe you are vegetarian, and you only eat veggies. If you are into meat, we know you will be attacking the meat lovers area. Those with a sweet tooth might skip the food and go straight to the desert area. However, if you are with a group with different taste buds, you might have the chance to try everything; do not bankrupt the restaurant, and please do not waste; only put what you can eat on your plate.

Back to the Project Management Buffet

Now, let us bring this back to project management.

On a diet?

If you are on a diet and want to be lean, grab some salad and other lean food.

Is not the same thing in project management? Let us assume you work on small, simple, straightforward projects. Then, maybe our Base Plan is the only thing you need. This includes the methodology, the tailored methods, and other essential features. These are the green boxes in the image. They seem like a lot, but they are highly integrated and straightforward, even for novice project managers. Remember, the Uruk Platform is not for you if you only need to manage tasks.

Still hungry?

You are still hungry or can break your diet on this special occasion. So, you head back to the buffet to sample some exciting dishes.

Heading to project management, your organization might need to go beyond the foundation and the base plan. Here, we offer the Enhanced Plan (which will be available soon). The Enhanced Plan includes adding the light blue boxes to the green. In other words, you would add the core control modules and a couple more.

What is next?

Option 1

After that point, you have a choice. One choice is to add more food and taste the other dishes.

That means going to the Advanced Plan and adding the dark blue boxes to the mix. This might be vital for capital projects, those that cost millions of dollars and require engineering, construction, contracting, etc.

Option 2

The other choice, maybe instead of going to more food, you prefer a selection of desserts. Or you need to manage the entire process and care for the kids. You might also need to ensure there is no waste.

Could that mean you need portfolio management? These are the orange boxes.


The bottom line:

We built the Uruk Platform to be modularized.

We discussed four plans in the previous section. These would be like a pre-set menu (instead of an open buffet). However, your situation might be different.

In the Uruk Platform, you can start with the Base Plan. Then go to Build-It Plan, which is like a Lebanese Mezza*. In addition to the Base Plan, you can choose what other functionalities (modules) you need and build your unique plan. This would be a system that fits your needs.

*  A Lebanese Mezza could have 20+ choices, usually in small plates to share. In many restaurants, you can order the entire Mezza selection, or select the dishes you like, even some exotic dishes.

It must be challenging to set up and use the Uruk Platform?

Two questions,

  1. Is it challenging to set up, costly, lots of work, and expensive?
  2. Does it require a great deal of training to use?

The answers:

  1. Absolutely not. Uruk Platform is a SaaS solution. That means you go online, choose the plan you want, pay the fees (with the security of a 60-day money-back guarantee), and get going. You will see the Onboarding Support section as soon as you log in. Invest a few minutes in the curated content and start leading your projects today! The cost is less than a LinkedIn premium account per user. Further, suppose your organization already has a project management process and prefers to use it to minimize the resistance to change. In that case, it takes hours or days to map YOUR process to the Uruk Platform, and you gain access to everything else.
  2. Regarding training, the Uruk Platform is suitable for novices and experts. For experts in project management, they are likely to find it highly intuitive. For novices in project management, the Uruk Platform includes numerous things to help the users learn and apply.

We provide a knowledge portal, Uruk guides, videos, text and audio Uruk Coach messages throughout the platform, community library, and disucssion forums.

Closing Comments

In total transparency, we have not built the entire platform yet. However, we have the Base Plan MVP today, and you can start using the platform today. Further, within a few weeks, we will release Base Plan-Beta and continue to release other plans incrementally.

We invite you to explore the platform through a trial plan TODAY.

Alternatively, you can subscribe, and we will work with you to pilot the platform on a project or two!

Finally, a special thank you to my good friend Bill Duncan for suggesting the idea for this post.

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